Courses taught

Columbia University

Global Cities [graduate/undergraduate-level] (fall 2021)
Global Political Economy [graduate-level] (spring 2022)
Local/Global Worlds: Place-based Investigations of An Interconnected World [graduate-level] (fall 2022)
MA Seminar in Global Thought (fall 2022)

Trinity College

Brazilian Politics & Society (spring 2021) [remote]
Comparative Political Economy (spring 2021) [remote]
International Political Economy (January 2021; spring 2021) [remote]
Introduction to International Relations (fall 2020) [remote]

University of the District of Columbia

Brazilian Politics & Society (fall 2019)
Global Cities (spring 2019)
Global Political Economy (spring 2020)
Global Studies (fall 2018; fall 2019)
Introduction to American Government (fall 2018, spring 2019)
Methods of Political Science (fall 2019)
Political Research Skills (spring 2019)
Senior Seminar (spring 2020)
Space & Power (spring 2020)
U.S. Foreign Policy (fall 2018)

Spring Hill College

Garbage! [interdisciplinary, team-taught course] (spring 2017)
Global Cities (spring 2018)
International Political Economy (fall 2016, fall 2017)
Introduction to International Relations (fall 2016, spring 2017, fall 2017, spring 2018)
Latin American Politics (spring 2017)
Methods of Social Research (spring 2017)
Politics of Developing Countries (fall 2017)
Seminar: International Studies (fall 2016, spring 2018)

University of Florida

Capitalism and Its Greatest Critic: On Marx and Marxism [honors course] (spring 2015)
International Politics of Latin America (fall 2013, spring 2014, spring 2015)
Introduction to Latin American Politics (fall 2014)